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10 Reasons To Hire A Birth Photographer

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1. Quality – a good birth photographer will be able to get images that are not out of focus or blurry from  movement. Even in the most challenging lighting! 2. The entire family and birth team can be in the photos. Proof that they were there, and proof that they were involved. 3. A good birth photographer will use the photos to tell the whole story, not just a few snapshots after the birth. 4. Those with her for the birth will be able to focus on supporting mom throughout labor and afterwards. 5. After the baby is born, you won’t need to worry about sorting through photos, deleting the bad ones, or editing the photos – a professional birth photographer will do all that for you and deliver you a finished product so you can focus on bonding with your newborn. 6. A birth photographer can capture moments you might miss, like grandmas in the waiting room, siblings trying to sneak a peek into the birth room, etc. 7. This baby, this birth will only happen once, and there are no do-overs. You won’t get caught up in the intensity of the experience and forget to take any photos. The photographer has it covered. 8. Newborn babies change incredibly fast! By the second day, they already look different. Don’t let that first day look fade in your memory. 9. You see your birth from a different perspective. Sometimes women get very inwardly focused in labor, and seeing the photos later can help them know the big picture. 10. And finally, as your baby grows, you will be able to show your baby the story of their birth day. They will be able to see for themselves the love in their parent’s eyes, grandma’s excited tears, and the hesitant touch of older siblings. Writen by IAPBP Member: Andrea Lythgoe...

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Featured Photographer Vicki Beauchamp

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Name:  Vicki Beauchamp Business Name:  The Memory Box Photography Location:  Palatine, IL, USA Web Site: Blog: Facebook Fan Page: Vicki is the amazing birth photographer that won the 2012 Image of the Year Competition.  You can view more images and the complete birth story of the family in the winning image here. Tell us a little about yourself….married? children? pets? I am a mother of 3 and one on the way and wife to a wonderful man named Bobb. My kids are 7, 5, and 3. We have a rambunctious lab puppy that we named Zuko after the cartoon Avatar. We are a geeky family that loves to play Xbox, board games, and I actually met Bobb on a online role-playing game called Everquest back in 2000. I’m currently working through Battlestar Galactica (new) for the third time. Prior to getting pregnant, I was helping families with an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. We provide bereavement photography. I plan to start that up again after I have my little one. It’s a strange thing to be doing births while doing NILMDTS sessions. The emotions are so strong and overcoming. If you are reading this and think you could help the organization, please do! There are always sessions that don’t get taken because of there are not enough photographers and other volunteers to do them. How long have you been in business? I started taking on paying clients in October 2010 Canon or Nikon? What is your most used lens while photographing a birth? Canon | 35mm 1.4L Did you / Will you / Would you have one of your own births photographed? I had my first two babies in the hospital and they didn’t allow photography during the actual birth and I didn’t fight it. The photos I do have actually don’t bring happiness for me. I had my third baby at home and don’t have photos of the birth except in early labor because my husband was the only one here with me and he was watching our children and supporting me as best he could. For this upcoming birth, I have not decided. I’ll already have my midwife, midwife assistant,...

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Winners! 2012 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Image of the Year Competition

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Thank you to each and every participant this year!  Our competition was a huge success and many people, all across the world, witnessed the beauty of birth photography through your images. Our Judge panel had a very difficult job in narrowing down the winners this year!  Winners were chosen on a point system and judged on technicality, emotionality and composition.  While we had clear 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, our Honorable Mention spot had 3 photos receive the exact same number of points by the judge panel.  So, we will be awarding 3 Honorable Mentions this year. Thank you to our Judges, they did a wonderful job and we are appreciative of their time and efforts!  And, of course, thank you to each and every person who took the time to vote for the People’s Choice Award! Congratulations to all the winners! 1ST PLACE WINNER The Memory Box Photography 2ND PLACE Miracle Moments Birth Photography 3RD PLACE Emily Weaver Brown Photography HONORABLE MENTION Emily Robinson Photography HONORABLE MENTION Kimberlin Gray Photography HONORABLE MENTION Lindsey Kliewer Photography PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD Canary Lane Photography You can see all the beautiful entries here:  2012 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Image of the Year...

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2012 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Image of the Year Competition

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We are pleased to announce and launch the 2012 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Image of the Year Competition.  Each year, IAPBP recognizes excellence in birth photography.  We hope you will join us in sharing beautiful images of birth with our members, our Judges, our friends, family, fans, and ultimately, the world. WHO MAY ENTER You must be a current member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.  If you are not a member, and would like to join, you can do so here. HOW TO ENTER **The 2012 Competition is now closed.  Please check back on Monday, January 28, 2013 to vote!** Click the Enter button to submit your photograph.  Please be sure to read the guidelines below as well as the Official Rules, Terms and Conditions included on the entry form. Winners will be determined as follows: 1st Place Winner 2nd Place 3rd Place Honorable Mention People’s Choice Award The 1st Place Winner will have the opportunity to be published in Midwifery Today Magazine, at the discretion of the member.  Additionally, the winning image will be featured on the front page of and the photographer’s work and profile will be featured in a blog post and on facebook. All competition winners will receive an International Association of Professional Birth Photographers badge to display on their website reflecting their accomplishment. The Peoples Choice Award will be determined by popular vote.  Members may request their clients, friends, family and fans to vote for their image.  Members may not pay, barter or reward in any way a person who votes for their image.  Voting is limited to one vote per person.  Images will be numbered and displayed on with a voting system.  The total number of votes for the competition and the Peoples Choice Award will be shared at the end of the competition.  Only the Peoples Choice Award will be determined by the popular vote, all other winners will be chosen by the Judges.  It is possible for the Peoples Choice Award to also receive a winning submission as determined by the Judges. All entries must be submitted and received by Friday, January 25, 2013 at 11:59:00 p.m. CST.  Voting will open on Monday, January...

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