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I love it when someone asks what I do and I tell them I am a birth photographer. They almost always say “you do what?” with their faces all scrunched up LOL. I then go on to explain that it’s not all about “that shot” but so much more!

Birth photography may seem strange to those not familiar with the process. When you ask any mother or father what the one best day of their life was, they’ll likely tell you their wedding day and the day their child was born. Birth photography is just as special as your wedding day so why not have that story documented by a professional too? You wouldn’t ask your future husband or your mom to take pictures at your wedding so why would you want your support team fumbling with a camera at the times when you need them most? They should be by your side and fully engaged with supporting you, not trying to capture memories. They are part of your memories and should be in the photographs.

By hiring me to document your Birth Story, your support team with be 100% with you for this journey. I’ll be the fly on the wall capturing the details of your journey into motherhood for the first time (or 3rd time). You’ll be so thankful your partner’s attention was on you and not on the iPhone/camera and is in the pictures with you where they belong!

I’d love to chat over coffee and answer any questions you have!



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