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Emily Lapish Photo + Film

“Having a baby is hard enough. No woman should be asked to do anything else while she is having a baby. She shouldn’t have to renegotiate a birth plan, argue with her care providers about the evidence supporting her decisions, or advocate for her baby. She also shouldn’t have to comfort her husband or reassure her mother or educate her sister. Everyone around the birthing mother should attend her like the queen she is.” Elizabeth Allemann, MD

You spend thousands of hours and dollars planning to capture your wedding day in all its details, but what about the day your child comes into the world? It’s a day you’ll never want to forget, and sadly, with all the hormones and pain meds and exhaustion, you probably won’t remember much of it. That’s what makes birth photography and films so irreplaceable.

I offer birth photography on its own, as well as a photography + film package.

For insider info about birth photography, including all your questions answered and interviews with real birth clients, click here.

Other Specialties
  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Fresh 48
  • NICU Sessions
  • Bereavement

Member Since: 2014

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