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Judges Training Course Application

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What you need to know:
  1. There is no cost to apply or participate as a judge. Attending the Judges Training Course is FREE!
  2. Judges will be allowed to enter their own images for evaluation. Becoming a judge does not disqualify you from participating on the receiving end of the evaluation.
  3. Each Judges’ Training Course class is approximately 2-3 hours in length
  4. Applying to attend the training course and attending the training course does not guarantee a position on our final Educational Event Review Panel. However, you will still benefit greatly on a personal and professional level from the free training course.
  5. Each applicant is required to attend at least one training. Attendance to multiple classes will increase your chances of being selected for the final Educational Event Review Team.
What you can expect to learn: 
  1. What makes a technically correct image.
  2. How to identify problematic areas of an image.
  3. Ways to improve an image
  4. Language, tact, and delivery of constructive criticism
  5. Cropping
  6. What makes an image interesting
  7. Opinion versus fact (and when to know when to use that information)
  8. Fine Art versus Documentary
  9. Finding the story and translating an image!
Meet Your Instructor:
Meet Lacey Barratt Birth Photographer 2021Lacey Barratt is an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), a part of Birth Photographers Australia, and Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project by Leilani Rogers #PBAP and International Association of Professional Birth Photographers More recently, she has ran her own campaign in the past, the #humansuncensored to help desexualise human bodies, men and women alike.

Lacey has been recognised for the impact that her imagery has made on her community. She was nominated as a finalist for the “Fair Go” Pride of Australia Medal in 2014. She has also been interviewed by NT News, ABC Radio, Positive Birth Movement Melbourne, and has spoken to a group of women about the “love yourself” campaign- loving your body postpartum, through the Office of Woman’s Advancement NT. She is an avid lover of birth, breastfeeding, and babywearing.

2015 NT Documentary Photographer of the Year
2016 AIPP VPPY Lacey was awarded the EPSON AIPP VPPY Documentary Photographer of the Year 
2018 AIPP Canson Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year (National)
2018 she was also awarded Victorian ‘Making a difference’ winner from Aus Mumprenuer.
2018 Lacey was awarded Bronze in the World Photographic Cup in the Reportage category placing third place in the world. An incredible honour. 
2018 Associate Professional Photographer with the AIPP
2019 Victorian Documentary Photographer of the Year

Her knowledge is immense and ready to be passed on to our members. To learn all about competitions, judging, critiquing and more, register for a class below.


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