Hospital staff holding baby for mother to see after c-section birth.

Birth photography is still a relatively new area of photography, but more and more expectant parents are choosing to document their births with a professional birth photographer. When you do this, you may get reactions like, “why would you want to photograph that?!” Here are 6 reasons to hire a birth photographer! 

Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer 


  1. Capture your unique birth story. Having your birth story documented from the beginning of your labor journey to the first time you hold your baby is a wonderful keepsake to have, even if it’s only for you and your partner to look back on. 
  2. Allow everyone in the room to be present. Your partner or any family members that are in the birth space may be able to take photos, but that means they cannot be fully present in the moment with you. Or they may get overwhelmed and forget to take photos. Having a professional birth photographer takes this pressure off everyone in the room. 
  3. Birth can be unpredictable. While most expectant parents have a birth plan, many times birth does not go according to plan at all! A professional birth photographer can capture your birth story no matter the situation. 
  4. Difficult to capture quality photos. A hospital, birth center, or your home are not typically set up to be photo ready. Even if a family member is able to take photos, professional birth photographers have the necessary equipment to capture beautiful images in whatever lighting situation. 
  5. Document all the details. While you are giving birth you will probably not notice some of the details going on around you, like the reactions of your partner and family members. These moments can be so wonderful to capture photos of and look back on fondly. Some of our favorite images are quiet moments shared between expectant parents. 
  6. Like a wedding, giving birth is a major life event that deserves to be documented and remembered. These are memories that you can always look back on and remember that day that you gave birth.


Father embracing mother post birth with newborn in mothers arms.
Image by Erika Pearce 



At IAPBP we strongly believe that birth is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated and shared. Our talented birth photographers are required to uphold our community Code of Ethics and promise to provide a professional, honest and respectful experience for any birthing person.  Find a birth photographer in your area


Featured Image: Natalie Broders