February is the month of Valentine’s Day here in the United States and with it comes an entire bag of mixed emotions. For some, it’s just another Hallmark holiday that doesn’t resonate with them; for others, it’s a challenging day full of loneliness and disappointment and for even more, it’s a day full of love and hope. Here at IAPBP, we encourage self-love all year round. It truly is one of the only things within our realm of control.


As professional birth photographers, we can sometimes feel the weight of the world as everything around us changes in this post-pandemic world. Loving ourselves and sustaining that love within our profession will show within our work and surely continue to curate a foundation of integrity within our workspace. What we do is important and we’re here to speak truth over you with hopes that you will forever ground yourselves in these truths when you’re feeling less than.


What we do is important, needed, and desired.  

So are you.


Here are 15 Positive Affirmations for Birth Photographers:


  1. I capture images that impact legacies.
  2. I am needed, seen, and valued.
  3. My photos preserve stories where words can’t do the experience justice.
  4. I am comfortable with my pricing.
  5. I deserve to make a living doing what I love.
  6. My love for birthwork is easily seen within my photographs.
  7. My photographs document the strength found within birth.
  8. My eyes capture images that are unique and beautiful.
  9. I capture the integrity found within birth.
  10. I capture birth unlike anyone else.
  11. I preserve the beauty of life and birth through my lens.
  12. I was chosen because of the excellent work I provide.
  13. I align with the fact that each shoot makes room for more.
  14. My photos preserve stories where words can’t do the experience justice.
  15. My heart for preserving the sacredness of birth is easily seen within my photos.

Image of baby being delivered birth photographer affirmation
Photo via L.E. Ellis Photography

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) was established to assist expectant birthing people who are in search of a professional birth photographer or videographer in their area. Learn more about us here!  We choose to empower Birth Photographers because what we do is important, needed, and valued.


Feature Image: Apiary Photography