Nowadays, Belle dances with daring revolutionaries in the underworld of their unseen identity and bring it to the frontline of their fierce art and activism. No biggie. She’s here for the creators. Whether that’s in the intimate moments of motherhood or at the edge of your most emerging identity; she  know the courage that it takes to change YOUR world. To lose yourself in the unspoken stories rulingyour life, and then fight your way back to yourself, rewriting your future with your own blood, sweat and tears. Whatever story you’re here to tell, she’s right there alongside you.

Photography has always been at the heart of her most intimate identity-forming moments.

From picking up her dad’s hobby cameras around her childhood home to creating an award-winning birth photography career after birthing her own children. Photography has been with Belle from the very beginning, evolving alongside herself at every turn.

Now it’s time to bring her big dorky heart and magic hands to the edges of everything that’s ever felt too emotional or too much to share.

Belle found the courage to go first and live a life exposed, and now she’s igniting others to do the same.

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