Birth and bereavement photography with Cyd Lapour

Today we are featuring our member Cyd Lapour, a full time photographer focused on photojournalism and documenting real life moments, based in Louisiana As an area coordinator for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, she serves an average of 3-4 families a month who have to say goodbye to their littlest angels, in addition to her regular birth clients. Despite the heavy nature of this work, she is passionate about ensuring that every family has memories in the physical form to relive the most important moment so of their lives, and spreading the message that real life is always more beautiful than anything here on Earth.


In our conversation, Cyd shares how her experience photographing her autistic son doing whatever made him happiest led her to pursue the power of documentary and real life photography. Cyd’s view is that real life is more interesting, funnier and more joyful than the studio smile and cheese moments. She reminds us to pay attention to the beautiful moments in our everyday lives, as ultimately these will make up what we will come to treasure.


Cyd shares how she got into birth photography, and how she knew it was for her after just one session photographing a co-worker’s birth. Cyd sees that the work that she does as being a family historian, documenting the stories that families write together.


Cyd explains how she shoots from the perspective of having the baby look at the images in the future, and how that perspective alters the way she documents births.


We also chat about the the difference between real life and documentary photography, and nature of documenting real life. Cyd talks about her work with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a photography service for families that won’t have the chance of getting a lifetime of photographs with their infant. She reflects on how this photography has been her most important work, the lessons it has taught her, and the reasons she does it.


Cyd’s work and her approach to life is incredibly inspiring. She leaves us with such a beautiful message about being ok to laugh at our mistakes, and the importance of living our lives authentically.



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