Birth photography with a mother's heart with Nora Dalmasso

I’m excited to share this episode with Nora Dalmasso, a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers who pursues her passion for birth photography in Argentina. This episode is recorded in Spanish, with questions being asked by Elaina. 


This conversation centres around Nora’s journey into birth photography and how her love for her own children drives her passion for capturing moments at the beginning of life. 


Starting out with maternity photography, Nora found her true calling on the day she photographed her first birth. Elaina and Nora talk about this unique experience, being a caesarean section, and some of the most impactful moments of her career. 


Being a mother and knowing how precious the moments of birth are, Nora has an incredible passion for her work, showing deep empathy and connection to the mothers and fathers she works with. She fully understands the responsibility of showing up for her clients, standing side by side with dedicated midwives to create lasting memories for her clients. 


Nora shares the deeply moving story of photographing a baby’s farewell and the depth of emotion this event sparked. She also shares some of the lessons she has learned over the last 3 years and her advice to parents who might be unsure of birth photography. 



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