Documenting the birthing experience with Eva Walther

Documenting the birthing experience is often more of an afterthought – or not thought of at all. But there are so many valuable moments throughout the experience that are so beautiful to capture.


This episode we are joined by Eva Walther, a German award winning and self-taught family and birth photographer who lives in Denmark.

After a life-long corporate career in advertising and software, Eva changed to work as a full-time photographer, online educator and mentor for upcoming lifestyle photographers in 2019. Eva’s own birth experiences in 2013 and 2015 have been a huge part of her journey as a photographer. Today, she is passionate about documenting all aspects of birth and demystifying birth in Denmark.

The most important topic for Eva is educating future mothers to learn about their options, and more importantly their right for a self-determined birth and after-birth experience. For Eva, a good birth experience is a fundamental element of the transformation into a mother.

We explore how Eva made the transition from 9-5 into photography after her own children were born, and the ways that the Danish hospital system and her Danish husband transformed her view on birth.

We chat about Eva’s initial aversion to natural birth, the importance of mental preparation for birth and how birth photography is a powerful educator. 

Culturally, birth photography is not common or understood in Denmark. Eva talks about the steps she’s taking to help birth parents understand the transformative power of birth photography, including founding the Danish Association for Birth Photographers.

This was a beautiful, cross-cultural conversation and Eva’s approach to and passion for birth photography is uplifting.




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