mother holding newborn cradled in her hands umbilical cord showing on her bare belly

Is birth photography worth it? I know that this is a pressing question with every new parent. Is birth photography really worth it? Well, we are here to tell you that it REALLY is. What we want to let you know and think about is the investment that you are making when you hire a birth photographer that makes it worth it. The profound strength of a mother bringing life into this world is a breathtaking moment to capture and to be a part of! 

“The wisdom and compassion a woman can intuitively experience in childbirth can make her a source of healing and understanding for other women.”

—Stephen Gaskin


Here are a few reasons that birth photography IS worth it.

  • You don’t want your partner missing out on special moments, and worrying about having to hold a camera. Birth photography enhances your family connection, with no distractions, you are both able to soak in the moment fully and focus on bonding with your partner and little one.
  • Parents that maybe have gone through IVF and fertility issues and want this day documented.
  • You won’t remember much of what happened from your birth. As you are laboring and going through the labor process you are so focused on birthing the baby exhaustion could also set in and you will not be able to remember what your significant other was saying if they were rubbing your back, feet or helping you get into a better and more comfortable position. You want to be able to look back onto those details.
  • I will be able to step back and capture the whole family working together to bring this new life into the world. Even in the case of a surrogate birth, I can capture the parents waiting and watching for this precious gift to be brought into the world.
  • All the little details. The first time your baby takes their breath, I can capture that moment, and you can focus on the most important task of welcoming them into this beautiful world.
  • Sharing your power and strength and to support your journey.

How can you afford a birth photographer?

  • Reach out to your potential birth photographer and ask if they offer a gift registry option that you can send to your friends and family and add it to your baby shower.
  • You can make installment payments with a 0% interest rate (we all love 0% interest)!
  • As soon as you find out you are pregnant, reach out to a birth photographer in your area and ask them questions. Ask them about their pricing and what’s included. These are perfectly ok questions to ask when you are looking at investing in a birth story. This will help you prepare for the costs.

What type of images will I have for my birth? Can’t my partner or best friend just capture them?

  • Your birth photographer will normally come in at about 5-6cm dilation and capture your birthing process until around 2 hours postpartum. They can stay longer, and the time frame will all depend on how baby and mom are doing. Your birth photographer will capture the laboring process, your loved ones being present with you, and the final push bringing a baby into this world. They will capture the cord being cut, footprints being taken, and the well-baby check along with many other detailed moments. If you have other children, they can capture that first sibling meeting as well.  If the lighting is really dim their camera is made to work with very low lighting. Most cell phones and non-professional cameras are not built to handle this kind of lighting. So, it’s a good thing you are looking into having a professional there to capture this moment.


Here are a few testimonials from birth clients to let you see what having a birth photographer meant to them.


“I didn’t think I’d want yet another “stranger” in our birth room the first time around, especially when we had already gone so far out of our way to create a safe space with limited attendees by choosing a birth center birth. I just knew it was such an intimate experience! But I found myself staring and LOVING on the few iPhone shots our doula took all the time and I knew if I did it again, I wanted really good pictures! It was the best decision ever! You will only birth that baby one time. It goes so fast (well.. sometimes. Ha!) and you’re in such a zone, sometimes it can be hard to remember what happened! I love having a timeline of those few moments just before she was born, and her first few hours of life! It is seriously the best day. Forget wedding pictures THIS is the day I want photos of!!”-Sarah T. Brooke Flanagan Photography, LLC 

“As a doula, being in the birth room with Erika is incredible. She brings calm and compassionate energy into the room. She is mindful of staying out of the way, while also slipping in to offer a helping hand when she sees it’s needed. I’ve turned to get a cold washcloth for my birthing client only to have Erika already at my side with it, placing it in my hand. I’m always amazed to see the beautiful shots she captures, and I know Erika spends the time checking in on her clients because this woman is all love and heart. She’s not only passionate about capturing these special memories for her clients, but also about the rights and experiences of birthing families. Erika is a gem! ” — KAYLA J., BIRTH DOULA Erika Pearce maternity + birth photography

“She is very discreet and respectful and her work is just breathtaking. My husband is deployed to Afghanistan so he was watching over Facebook video and she took the pictures in such a way that you could really see his part in being present and the emotions he was feeling.”— ASHLYN, BIRTHED AT BROWARD HEALTH FT LAUDERDALE Paulina Splechta South Florida’s On-Call birth photographer and birth videographer


We will leave you with a few images to let you see how beautiful birth is, and you can decide for yourself “is birth photography worth it?”

is birth photography worth it? newborn baby looking at camera mother holding baby in her hands laying on her right breast
VBAC Birth (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section)
Image Credit Katia Grondin. Katia is a proud member of IABPB 
Birth Doula + Photographer
En Caul Birth (baby born with sac still intact)
Image Credit Danny Merz.  Danny is a proud member of IAPBP
Birth Center Birth
Image Credit Amanda Ditzel. Amanda is a proud member of IAPBP. 
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