Member Spotlight Application - IAPBP |

Member Spotlight is a way to get your work and brand featured before a large audience.  The spotlight member will be responsible for taking over our facebook page.  Each spotlight will last 7 days.  All posts for the week will be scheduled in advance to post throughout the week.  We feel this will be the most efficient way to for members to participate without having to keep watch over the page throughout the week.  We have a Spotlight calendar set up so you can review the week that best suits your schedule.  We ask that you select 2 week options on your application.  We will select 1 week when your application is approved.


  • Member must have been in business more than 1 year.
  • Member must have a minimum of 7 births to feature.
  • Member must have a website featuring their work.
  • Member must be willing to use Facebook to schedule posts to social media.
  • Member must be willing to schedule a minimum of 5 posts per day for 7 days.
  • Must must be willing to announce their spotlight on all their social media accounts, blog, etc. and link IAPBP.
  • Member must submit 4 photos on their application that they feel best presents their work and their brand.
  • Member must have permission to share all images during their Spotlight and sign a release of liability to IAPBP.
  • Member must be willing to follow Facebook Terms of Service when posting.
  • All posts will be approved by IAPBP staff before going live.  Scheduled posts must be completed a MINIMUM of 48 hours BEFORE your Spotlight go live date.

Please note that we will send you instructions on how to post as well as ideas on what to post!  We will first ask that you start with a introduction post.  We have a list of ideas that will be sent to you with your application approval.

Please complete the application below:


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Development Alchemy + Aim