Jacksonville Birth Photographer - Arren Mills | @ArrivalsbyArrxn
Arren Mills | @ArrivalsbyArrxn
Jacksonville, Florida United States

Hi, I am Arren (pronounced like “air-in”)! I am a creative activist. I like to use my creative talents in graphic design, photography, and creative writing to connect with people and inspire them to fight for what they love, for what’s right, for their story. Outside of being a creative, I am a mother, a doula, and a non-profit founding member of The Black Birth Exeperience (BBX).

Together, let’s preserve your story with edited pictures and unedited feelings.


My fear of forgetting. Moments are fleeting and what inspires me to capture pictures is my fear of forgetting the small, intimate details of the moment. Some would argue that “fear” should be far from the term “inspire” but I disagree.

My “fear” has added honesty and intention in my images. My “fear of forgetting” added urgency to the mundane and beauty to the simple. My “fear of losing memories” brings the smiles out from behind those insecurities, and for one moment, my fear evolves into the “courage” to thrive.

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Arren Mills
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Best Boudoir Photographer in Jacksonville | 2021
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