Lisbon Birth Photographer - Bárbara Araújo
Bárbara Araújo
Lisbon, Lisbon Portugal

… I was born on December 21, on the shortest day of December, on the Winter Solstice, and I live in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.  I am a wife and mother of two boys, I am a vegetarian for 2 decades, I love animals, I love life, I love nature, I love the world and the light at the end of the day!

I am passionate about what I do, about people, nature, trips. Photography is my passion. 

This passion came from a very early age. Photography lets me travel in time, remember old memories, feel new emotions, smile, cry…  In each photograph I give all the best of me and I observe each detail with a fresh look. I like to tell stories and to show life as  it is, creating timeless and vivid memories for you and your future generations. 

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