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I’ve been married to the man of my dreams for more years than I care to count because it’s been the best adventure EVER.  I’m in love with being a mom to our four kids; and most recently, I’ve discovered the magical perfection of the love for a grand baby.  I’ve fiddled around with my cameras for years.  I was determined to document my babies’ lives as they grew up.  But something changed deep within me when we found out our first grand baby would be born with a physical impairment.  Our family was crushed.  His parents were devastated.  But after the initial shock had passed, I knew in my heart of hearts that he would be absolutely perfect, regardless of the imperfections.  My mission became to document our family’s lives throughout the inevitable changes we’d go through before, during and after his birth.  I knew that there would be ups and downs, but that in the end the ups would be so much more prevalent than the downs.  I knew that when it was all said and done, we’d look back on the lows and see how it was all worth it.  Most of all, I was determined to document our grand baby’s journey to learning to walk with a prosthetic.   What I didn’t expect was that photographing his birth would turn me into a birth junkie.  So here I am – documenting my crazy family’s life and yours.  I can’t wait to see what else life throws our way!

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