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Captured Grace by Erin
Yucaipa, CA United States

I am a documentary birth and family photographer based in Redlands, CA.To watch a woman become a mother, to see her strength as she brings forth life, to watch those who love her surround her with support and care, to witness a child take its first breath and squint under the lights of earth, to see a family created, is truly priceless. These precious moments are the true definition of once-in-a-lifetime. It is my heart’s desire to make beautiful, powerful images that tell the story of your birth experience.

Telling Your Story: Professional, Intimate, Priceless

We refer to many of our life experiences as once-in-a-lifetime, yet nothing meets this definition more than the day of your child’s birth. Your partner’s hand holding yours, your baby’s first breath, the joy and relief hearing their first cry, the instant they are placed into your arms, their wrinkles and squinty eyes adjusting to new light. These are the memories you cannot get back. These are intimate and priceless moments that deserve to be documented by a professional. My goal is to apply all my learning and ability to the ever changing environment of birth and make images you will love for years to come.

Read more about my approach to birth photography on my website here. I cannot wait to tell your story.

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