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Peoria, AZ United States

Hey, I’m Carey.


That’s pronounced Car-Key without the K. I am a mother to 3 boys just trying to get them to hockey practice on time. I am a passionate birth doula, photographer and videographer. My own births lead me to this work, and it has lit a fire within ever since. Physiological birth is something that I feel so strongly about sharing because women were not meant to give birth with a gloved hand inside of them and ’round the clock cervical checks, being stuck in a bed with two bands around their belly that in my opinion cause more trouble than they’re worth. Someone please grab the doppler and let this mom out of the bed. I feel that if we are all quiet, she can listen to her own intuition that leads her labor, and move the way she feels is best for her body and her baby. I am here for the help, encouragement and that iced cold cloth on your neck IF you want any of it. I find beauty in the art of documenting your birth. You’ll want to remember all of this.

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Carey Lippert
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