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Carey Lauren Photos & Film
Phoenix, AZ United States

Carey Lauren Photos & Film

Carey is a born, raised and inspired AZ native that centers her life around all things birth and baby. A wife + mother to three boys, she usually always finds herself on the go and bouncing around to the boys’ hockey practices.

Carey has been telling stories through a lens for many years but REALLY found herself immersed in her work in the last year when she decided that her love for birth and her love for photography have intersected and could coexist as something truly beautiful. She feels herself being very pulled in to birth because she is able to capture and tell the story of new life through her photographs.

The opportunity to normalize and bring to light all aspects of birth has become a focus of what she does. She recognizes that although we are amidst a culture shift in the way society views + talks about birth — there are still so many skewed ideas of what birth is “supposed” to be. When we see a birthing person in the photo, doing what they do best, it sparks something in all of us — and Carey is always looking to spark an emotion that makes people question if they can feel empowered giving birth too.

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