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Crofton, MD United States

Chances are, if you have wandered to this page, you’re looking for a photographer… Welcome! You’ve come to the right place!

Born and raised in Maryland, the Old Line State is still where I call home. Although, I am very much a sweet-tea-sipping Southern girl at heart. I LOVE to travel and am a total gypsy at heart. The longer the road trip, the better! 
I am a crafter by nature and have an obsession with all things DIY. On any given Sunday, you’ll find me sitting on the floor in a sea of paper and glue and paint and glitter and beat up pieces of old wood.
You might ask, “how does any of this have to do with you being a photographer?” Well, as much as I love crafting, I’m not always all that great at it. So as a kid, when my craft projects weren’t turning out how I had imagined them, I picked up a camera… From there, the rest is history. I found my passion and my way to create art by looking through a lens and telling a story. 
Photography is more than just a career for me, it is what I love. With every sweet, squishy baby I snuggle, every wild, excited toddler I chase around, and every amazing family I become friends with, I get to share a piece of my passion… Capturing memories that would otherwise be forgotten. With every session I shoot, I feel the exact same excitement and passion that I had on my first shoot over 8 years ago. Each session is a new adventure and challenge I get to explore.
Join me for the adventure!
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