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Birth is incredible. It’s raw, it’s vulnerable, it’s empowering, and it’s real. It’s a day where you and your life will never be the same. All of the sudden you feel like your heart is outside of your body. Loving someone that intensely is mind blowing. It’s so beautiful, so worth capturing. Nothing can compare to that moment when you and your baby meet for the first time and a family is born. You wouldn’t get married without a photographer capturing your big day. So why wouldn’t you have a professional capture the birth of your baby? Beautifully documenting the day you become a mommy, even for the second, third, or fourth time is an investment you will never regret!

My passion is photographing motherhood in an honest and meaningful way. I’ve been shooting births in the Fresno, Clovis & Oakhurst, CA area for a little over 3 years. I’ve attended births at various medical centers like Clovis Community Hospital, St Agnes Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, etc. I’ve photographed many births over the years, both vaginal deliveries and C-sections. My work has been featured online and in print by Baby Center, The Fount Collective, Huffington Post, Pier 1 Imports, Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, Fathers Magazine, Richard Photo Lab and many more. Please contact me now for more information about documenting the story of your baby’s birth!

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