Central Coast Birth Photographer - Jane McCrae Photography
Jane McCrae Photography
Central Coast, NSW Australia

Jane McCrae lives on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. When witnessing her first births as a student Midwife, over 15 years ago, she thought to herself, this would make incredible photography.

After the home birth of her second child, in an age where professional birth photography was rarely heard of, Jane decided to forge a creative spot for herself, combining her two passions, that of photography and birth. Together with her incredible clients and her self taught photography skills she is breaking the stereotypical mold and proclaiming that birth is beautiful, a journey to be embraced and enjoyed. Having won many awards both nationally and internationally for her work (including 2nd place IAPBP 2015 and the Australian College of Midwives Birth Image of the Year in 2017), as well as being interviewed and published in numerous books and magazines, she has touched families worldwide with her raw and moving works of art, inspiring them to see birth in a different light.

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