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You know I love photography, you know my documentary style . . .


BUT DID YOU KNOW?  (Bill Nye the Science Guy voice)

At the core of who I am, I am a Christ-follower, a wife, a mother, and a storyteller.  In a beautifully choreographed family photo, all of these things would be obvious to you.

But to know me, you have to look beyond a posed snapshot taken in a studio.  While modeling our matching outfits with identical colored t-shirts, my true style and love of long shirts with leggings would not be reflected, especially not the fact that it is almost all I wear!

A strategically posed image would not show you my excitement when I find more than one cherry in a Sonic Cherry Limeade or my obsessive addiction to Sour Patch Kids candy.

Posed imagery could never express my bravery in trying new foods or the way I turn into a big baby if those new foods are even slightly hot.

It would not give you the vantage point to see how much I love eating Cappuccino Crunchy Chocolate ice cream while watching Grimm.

Nor would you have the perspective to see how nerdy I am with my sci-fi action obsession?  I mean, I am Whovian after all, aren’t you?

And, on a deeper level, studio photography would not express how I have the heart of an introvert, but at times can also be pretty spontaneous, crazy, and fun.

An orchestrated photoshoot, fully equipped with studio lights and backdrops, could not truly reflect my favorite past times or the joy I find in curling up with a good book and cup of coffee or tea.

While anyone can sit and smile for the camera with the people they love, it would not demonstrate what my husband and our son mean to me; they are my entire world.  Our love can be found within the laughter we share when telling inside jokes or the endearing words we share with each other around the breakfast table.

The good things and the painful things make up our lives and our personal stories.  These everyday gems are what make up your story today, right now.  Posed photography only reveals one angle, but documentary styled imagery tells more of the whole story, a beautiful story of real life.  Through the generations, what will last and what will tell the story of our lives?

Your relationships, your emotions, and your feelings, all of these developmental stages and phases in life are worth remembering because they are the stories you won’t even know you miss until they are gone.

I want to capture those stories for you and you will have them forever.

I want to capture those first few days with your newborn baby, when time stopped and your days were spent holding her close.

I want to capture that year when your child lost six teeth and his smile had so many holes he looked like a Jack-O-Lantern.

I want to capture that season when you experienced joy within the chaos, surrounded by toddler fingerprints and spilled goldfish snacks.
None of these seasons will stay around, let’s capture them before they are gone.


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