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Hi there, I’m Carolyn. A birth photographer since 2011 and a mom of 4. I post tons of pics of my family on my instagram @carekip. Follow me over there!

What were my births like?

Well my first daughter was born via induction. She ended up coming so fast that I didn’t get an epidural, though I wasn’t sure I wanted one beforehand, I vowed that the next birth would be a less painful experience!

My second daughter was also supposed to be an induction, but she ended up coming on her own that morning. We got to the hospital and I was already in labor, around 4-5 cm. The on-call doctor was set to go into surgery, so she told me she wanted to give me an epidural, even though I wasn’t in pain. Fine by me, I thought! I got a perfect epidural and had a completely pain free birth. I actually read magazines and “laughed my baby out” according to my OBGYN.

My third daughter decided to throw me a curve ball. I felt my first contraction around 9am on a Sunday morning. Thought nothing of it, then heard a tiny pop. Still wasn’t sure what it was. Went to take a shower and within minutes was doubled over in pain. My husband convinced me that it was time to go, but I was stubborn and wanted to call my birth photographer, pack my bags, dry my favorite pants and do a bunch of other completely irrational things! I did manage to text my birth photographer, but with the hospital 30 minutes away, she didn’t make it and actually we barely made it! We got to the hospital around 10am and our 3rd daughter was born 12 minutes later. Of course, no pain meds for her either. It was painful, but I felt great afterwards!

My 4th baby was born in 2019 via adoption. I held his birth mamas hand while he was born via cesarean. It was an amazing experience.

I’ve been honored to photograph all types of births; home births, water births, hospital inductions, cesareans, twins, adoption, surrogate births. I love them all. I’ve watched moms labor while their husband was deployed. I once had a moms water break while I shot her maternity pics! I’ve photographed single moms. I’ve photographed grieving moms. I’ve photographed first time moms and 5th times moms. Old moms and young moms (I’m also all of the above, lol).

I look forward to hearing from you!

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