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Lisa Phillips Photography
Leesburg, VA United States

Lisa Phillips Photography

I am a mama to two amazing little souls and wife to a wonderful husband. I was
born and raised in Germany and moved to the US to work as an Au Pair in 2008.

Capturing babies and young children has always had my heart, but it was when I
became a mother myself that I knew this precious time in our lives needed to be
documented. Capturing Motherhood has my heart. The way our bodies change,
grow and sustain life. The way our hearts expand and hold an immense amount
of love, more than we could have ever imagined possible.

The humbling changes, physically or emotionally, that live in our bodies and souls. I am a passionate
advocate of this beautiful thing called motherhood and want to honor, respect and
capture it in all its forms – from Maternity to Birth, Postpartum,
Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding and beyond.

I want to document this transformative era in your life and I believe the journey of motherhood needs to be captured in all of its beauty throughout each stage of life and I would love to be there to
document these raw moments. And all begins with bringing your little one

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