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Tulsa, OK United States

Hi! I’m Brittany, the woman behind the lens at Micah Lynn Birth Stories + Photography.

I am a Tulsa-based birth photographer/filmmaker with a passion for following Jesus, storytelling, bubble tea (and baths), deep conversations, laughing out loud, and all things birth and babies. My love for storytelling began as a love for writing in grade school (hence why I still LOVE to blog), and has since blossomed into a career in photography and filmmaking. I’m also currently studying to become a certified Birth & Bereavement Doula and have a passion for serving families facing loss through Tulsa’s Silas Program.

At a birth, I’m the supportive, encouraging friend who can be a fly on the wall during a special moment with your partner or little one – or someone to laugh with at an awkward moment (ha, birth is full of ’em) or pray with/over you in a moment of fear or just being overwhelmed with the sensation/beauty of bringing life into the world. In all of these roles, I’ve got my camera poised and ready to capture the real-life moments that will remind you and your baby for the rest of your life of just how loved you really are.

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