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Kia ora! I am a birth and documentary photographer from New Zealand but currently living in my other beloved home, Vancouver, BC. As someone who has 10 years of experience as a doula, I feel very at home comfortable in the birth space. But still, each birth I attend feels unique and new. I am constantly in awe of this process and feel honoured to be able to reflect back to families just how incredible they are in these moments.

When it comes to birth stories, I love to capture it all. The in-between moments, the gentle touches, the fierce power, the incredible transformation. I believe it is powerful for people to be captured just as they are, to be seen how they desire to be seen. With a documentary approach but also a love of the drama of interesting angles and poses, I don’t tell your story but reflect your story back to you. I come to the birth space with no expectations other than to capture your story. Your birth, on your terms.

I document all love, all families, all bodies. I truly believe every story is special. But I don’t want to tell it for you, I want to tell it with you. I am here for the big moments, the small moments, and all the rest.

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