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Stacey Lorraine Birth Photography
Kingston, ON Canada

The day you give birth is one of the most important days of your life, and is so worthy of documenting. Sometimes birth is slow and heavy, and sometimes its fast and fleeting, but its always a hurricane of emotions that capture beautifully on camera. When I am invited into your birth space, I preserve not only the birth of a baby, but a new mother as well. I am careful to catch the little things, the BIG things, and everything in-between. This work is incredibly important to me, and I am thankful for every birth story I’m welcomed to attend.

Every birth is special, and every birth deserves a birth photographer. 

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  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Fresh 48
  • NICU Sessions
  • Baby Milestones
  • Family
  • Breastfeeding
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