Episode #1

The journey into birth photography and power of attention with Jessica Rinehart

Hello and welcome to our very first episode! We hope these conversations will help our wider community come to know our incredible network of photographers, as well as giving our members a chance to ‘meet’ their colleagues.

For our inaugural episode we are so excited to be in conversation with Jessica Rinehart. Jessica is a wife, mum of two and an air force veteran. She picked up her first DSLR camera in 2013 and has been hooked on photography ever since. Jessica is incredibly passionate about everything to do with motherhood, and loves to share her experiences with others.

Jessica first came to birth photography after the birth of her first child. The experience was not what she expected and she came out of it knowing that she wanted to be in the birth world. Specifically, to educate and empower other mums about what their options are.

Amazingly, Jessica’s first birth photography session was of her midwife, who was five months ahead of her. She shares how excited she was to share that experience, and how it cemented her passion for birth photography.

We talk about the most unique birth Jessica has attended, the driving force that keeps Jessica returning to birth photography and how she supports mothers through the birthing process. Jessica also shares with us how important the power of attention is for a birth photographer.

We also chat about the life-changing force that children are in our lives, and how we navigate and embrace their big emotions.

This was such a lovely, relaxed chat with a birth photographer who brings her whole heart to her job. We hope you enjoy it!


Where you can find Jessica:

Website: https://theheartofnowphotography.mypixieset.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theheartofnowphotography/
IAPBP: https://birthphotographers.com/photographers/jessica-rinehart/

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Our website: International Association of Professional Birth Photographers

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