I am super excited to be sitting down with Jamie Scearcy today to discuss her life-changing VBAC birth story. She is a mother of three, a military spouse, a VBAC mum, a childbirth educator, photographer and doula.


After having her own healing birth experience with the support of a doula, Jamie knew that birth work was where she wanted to be. Jamie has learned women are empowered in birth when they are supported, informed and leaders in their own care. She believes that every woman deserves a safe and satisfying birth experience, and that experience might look different for each one of us. Jamie wants every family to leave their birth feeling strong, heard and empowered.


During this conversation, Jamie shares what she found helpful in preparing for her first VBAC birth, and how powerful the gift of a normal, uninterrupted, physiological birth is. It can be life-changing to not be fearful of birth and how an empowered birth can change our journey as parents.


Jamie is also a birth educator – we talk about how being an educator, photographer and doula is such a powerful trio, both for the parents she services and also for her business.


In this conversation, we also touch on how the system, provider, hospital, protocols, culture and environment changes birth statistics. Jamie’s partner doula always says ‘Your care provider is your birth plan’, and we chat about the power of choosing your provider.


This was such an empowering conversation. Whether you’re a first-time Mum, birth photographer or just curious about what birth photographers do, you’ll leave this conversation feeling hopeful about the power of birth.




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