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Welcome to Little Rose Photography. My name is Charlie and I am a British expat living in Adelaide with three beautiful (yet exhausting!) children; Oliver, Poppy and Arthur.

Six years ago we found out we were expecting our first born, and from that moment, my passion for all things pregnancy and birth exploded.  I was determined to know all there was about the changes that would happen through pregnancy, what to expect throughout labour and then how I would navigate motherhood in a foreign country without the family support system I had grown up with.

My first two births were C-sections (one emergency, one planned) and after a pretty hard recovery the second time round, I was determined to birth differently when I became pregnant with my third.  I achieved my VBA2C on the 2nd September 2019 and it is a moment that forever changed my life. I found myself constantly looking at photos from all three births and wishing there was more. More photos of me changing into a mother, more photos that show the pain, the strength and the resilience of the female body and capturing that moment where the absolute miracle that is life joins you earth-side.  I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed that I had missed out on capturing those memories that showed me that even when I was at my most vunerable, I was so incredibly strong.

This and so much more is why I have chosen to persue this dream. I am so beyond passionate about pregnancy and birth; the way in which we grow and birth life is truely extraordinary. But perhaps most importantly, I have started this journey because we, as mothers are always in the shadows. We are always the ones taking the videos/photos and never in them.  We are always the ones who judge ourselves and never think we look good enough or thin enough or worthy of a photograph, and that is what I want to change.  You deserve to be at the forefront of your own birth.  This moment is about you. You have prepared for 9 months (if not longer!) for this and that is something that deserves to be celebrated.

So if you feel like I resonate with you, then please get in touch on either the contact me page, Facebook or Instagram and I would love to talk more!

Charlie x

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