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It wasn’t long after photographing my first birth that I realized something very important, people have strong opinions about sharing labor and delivery with a photographer.  There are those on both sides of the fence and it is always enlightening to hear why people would or would not have the birth of their child photographed.  Reading responses of “I would never do that” or “No way!!” motivates me to change the stigma of what people think birth photography is all about.  It also humbles me to know that birth photography is not for everyone, some people are not open to sharing such an intimate experience.  And that is OK.  But for those that are open to it, for those that never want to forget, a good birth photographer is invaluable.  I believe every birth experience should be respected.  Birth photographers are becoming more and more popular, and many go in unprepared.  The expecting parents who choose to invite a photographer along deserve to have their birth experience captured with integrity and professionalism.  Watching a new life come in to this world, that first breath, that irreplaceable first moment when a woman becomes a mother, a man becomes a father and together they become a family….is an honor.

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