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2023 IAPBP Image Competition – Official Entry Form

Please review the official contest rules by clicking here.

To submit a valid entry you must be a current member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. Click here to join our membership before entering the competition. All fields with a red * are required and must be filled in. This year we are allowing multiple entries on one submission form, but your total entries must not exceed 5 images. After clicking the Checkout button you will be directed to the second part of the submission process where your business information is collected. Payment will be required at the end of the submission process. Your entry will not be fully submitted without your payment.


Image Entry Details

You may enter multiple images in any category not to exceed 5 images in total. Use the Add Another Photo button to choose how many entries you would like to submit. The detail fields for each image will then pop up below. Complete all fields for each image before trying to submit. You may not submit more than 5 images. 


Category Details

We will have the following five (5) categories this year. 

  1. Labor – Early labor through Transition
  2. Delivery – Begins when baby begins to exit the body up until  delivery of the placenta
  3. Postpartum – After placenta delivery and remaining in the birth space
  4. Birth Details – Details of the birth anytime during early labor through postpartum
How to Enter the Image Competition

STEP 1: Read the Official Rules & Regulations

STEP 2: Prepare your submissions

STEP 3: Upload your submissions

STEP 4: Enter your business information

STEP 5: Make your payment (if you do not make a payment, your images will not process as a successful submission)

STEP 6: Review your confirmation email to ensure everything is entered correctly. If you see a mistake, email us immediately at competition@birthphotographers.com. We will not be editing, resizing, or changing your entry before judging begins unless you let us know there has been a mistake.

STEP 1: Prepare your submissions


  1. You must be a current member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers in order to submit an image to the competition. If you are not a current member in good standing, click here to join before entering the competition
  2. Entrants will provide two images per entry that are no larger than 8MB in size. (1) An unwatermarked image for judging purposes only. This image will not be shared publicly. Unwatermarked images ensure a fair judging process. When judging is complete these images will be deleted from the IAPBP server and not used in any other way. (2) A watermarked image. This image will be used in the gallery that goes live to the public and offered to the media with proper credits given to the photographer.
  3. Consider a creative title for your image. We highly recommend that you write your title in English as that’s the language our judges read. Do NOT include your business information in the Title of your image.
  4. Resize your images to be a maximum of 2500px (on the long side) at 96dpi.
  5. Save your images in sRGB color profile for the most accurate color representation.
  6. Save your images with a maximum file size of 8MB.
  7. Name your images using the following format: Title-Of-Image-YearTaken.JPG and Title-Of-Image-YearTaken-WM.JPG. See example below.
    1. Unwatermarked image filename: Surrender-And-Breathe-2023.JPG
    2. Watermarked image filename: Surrender-And-Breathe-2023-WM.JPG
  8. Upload both an unwatermarked (for judges to see) and watermarked (for public to see) image for each entry.
  9. Include a copy of your model release from your client. Images that do not include a model release will not be included in the competition.
  10. Keep in mind that whatever you submit in your form is exactly how your entry will be presented to the judges.

STEP 2: Upload your submissions

The contest is no longer accepting new submissions.

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