Perth Birth Photographer - AMBER MAY // Birth and Babes
AMBER MAY // Birth and Babes
Perth, WA Australia

I know first-hand what it’s like to come away from your birth thinking: ‘What. Just. Happened?’

Labour land is a powerful place. An intense place. Pair that with the beautiful oxytocin high at the end and you’re left with a memory that feels like a dream.

I can help you to piece together your story. To process your birthing journey.

Why? To capture your strength and vulnerability, first breaths, becoming a mother and watching your family grow. The love. The hugs. The messy. The complicated.

My images speak about connection. Raw, honest and beautiful.

I want to show you what you look like from the outside. What you can’t quite see, feel or believe in just yet. I want to connect you back to who you were in those moments. I want these images to give you a sense of grounding and a base in which to navigate those early days. 

You can trust me to authentically document your journey.

I’m so looking forward to getting to know you.

x Amber

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