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Hi my name is Hanna,

     I am so glad you found this page and are considering birth photography for you and your growing family! Birth photography has been my heart since I got the chance to capture my first birth back in 2012 while in Art school. It completely changed how I understood motherhood and the transformational moments of birth. I finished up my fine arts degree with a focus in photojournalism and have used that documentary eye in all of my art ever since.

I love bringing a calming and supportive presence to each birth space I attend but who I am outside of the birthing room is full of humor and honesty. I am a new mom and fiercely loyal friend who could binge watch Netflix until the end of the world. I am all about authenticity with my ups and downs and celebrating the power and sacrifice that comes with the mamahood!

I am a strong believer in birth choice! Whether that’s a C-section or homebirth (both of which are apart of my story) I believe that birth is beautiful and worth celebrating! 

So all of this to say, let’s connect! I cannot wait to learn more about you and your incredible birth story!



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