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Your Memories. Your Story. Your Legacy.

Our photographs are a tangible piece of our memories and legacy.
In all aspects of life from birth and beyond, our memories and stories told are a powerful tool to connect and share our humanity.
As we move further away from our pregnancies, our births, our days spent nurturing, feeding and supporting our children, our memories can fade and we long to have just one more moment looking at and remembering how it felt to grow, birth and nurture another being. A tangible piece of your unique journey and story.

You want these memories preserved. A lasting legacy to share as you and your family grow. A visual memory to reflect on as you celebrate or perhaps even mourn what you have been through. An illustrated piece of your absolute power and strength.

I see you.

This is the importance of birth and documentary photography.
From maternity to birth to parenthood and beyond. Your story is unique and deserves to be told.

Hey there 👋 My name is Kathleen.
Mum of two children, one doggo and four chickens. Wife. Business Assistant. Doula. Moon lover. Ex-teacher turned serial questioner and creatress.

Ever since I was a child, I have had an intuitive ability to know what is needed (shout out to all my HSPs).
I notice, feel and sense the unseen energies, things left unspoken and all of the tiny details that are sometimes missed, and these gifts are now being channeled into photography and assistance.

I discovered the absolute power in creating my own village of support during my second pregnancy and it has lit a fire in me to extend this out into the world so that parents can not just survive but THRIVE in pregnancy, birth and beyond (and that includes your business). I’m a visual person, so Birth and Documentary photography was one of the main tools I used to reclaim, reconnect, and remember my power.
And I see this power in you too.

I am here to illuminate your strengths, illustrate your power and encapsulate the energy of your story through documentary photography.
I am here to give you back time and space through business assistance, so that you can focus on what matters most to you.
I am here to nourish and support you in your life and business during this transformational time.

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