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Birth is transformative. You deserve to remember it.

While you are doing the hard work that labor and birth require, your partner is supporting and connecting with you, as you are both immersed in the depth of this journey. And I am there. Holding space and documenting your strength, your vulnerability, your connection, and your ultimate transformation.

I create art from the moments that make you a parent. And I endeavor that you might not only piece together the string of events that unfolded into your birth story, but also see yourself and all the raw, emotional, intense power of your birth through new eyes.

I’d be honored to be invited to capture your birth story. As an award-winning birth photographer and videographer with more than 5 years of experience documenting incredible moments in homebirths, hospitals, and birth centers throughout the St. Louis region, I’m often told that my presence is a gift, and my work is a treasured heirloom for the families who make space on their birth team for me.

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