Belle Verdiglione - 2021 IEEE Review Panelist

I’m so excited to be bringing you Belle Verdiglione. Belle is a former birth photographer, now a potent identity photographer, and a truly inspiring coach. Through her online community, Camera Queens, you can learn from experienced photographers, be surrounded by like-minded women (both online and in-person) and learn exactly how to operate and grow your photography business in your own unique way.


Belle dived into birth photography back in 2011 when she was on maternity leave with a newborn and a toddler and was itching to get back into the workforce. After studying photography at university, Belle was always very passionate about it but wasn’t sure what path to take. Her friend sent her a link with photos from an American birth photographer and when she saw them she was swept up in full body tingles and an inner knowing that she had found her new path. 


Belle shares the evolution she’s witnessed in birth photography in Australia throughout her career, especially the way that activism has led to normalising birth and images on social media. The healing that can happen when we celebrate, not only the life of a baby, but also death. Miscarriages and stillbirths are no longer swept under the rug and there is so much power and healing that comes from having that celebration and sharing those photos with others. 


We explore how new birth photographers can create a holistic experience for the families they serve. Belle discusses when you enter that space, you must have an open heart and be present to all aspects, not just the physical, but also the energetics of a room.


Belle shares how she moved from birth photography into potent identity photography. This type of photography involves bringing your whole essence, your truth and your light into the images. We are anchoring your higher self vision into these photos so that you can birth your offer and your vision into the world and everyone viewing it will feel it. 


Belle encourages you to take the time to really nourish yourself and rest in between births to prevent burn out and recognise when you’re at a close of a cycle and ready for something new. Tune in to hear all about Belle’s amazing journey and her incredible advice, wisdom and experience. 




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