Empowering mothers through Doula work and birth photography with Leona Darnell


Today I am chatting with Leona Darnell, an incredible birth photographer. Leona gave birth to her own triplet boys via IVF in 2013 as a solo parent. She studied at the Academy of Arts in San Fransisco when dark rooms and chemicals were used to produce photos. After Leona did her very first birth photography session in 2013, she new she had found her new path and calling. 


Leona opens up about her own birth journey and how she wished there was a photographer there in the room with her to record the once in a lifetime moment. Afterwards she started investigating birth photography and how she could become involved in marking the wondrous moment for other parents. Leona joined the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers in 2014 after she did her very first birth session. She never wanted anyone else to feel the way that she did when she disassociated during her caesarean section and didn’t have a clear idea of what happened. 


Leona added doula services to her packages because she wanted to be a part of the birthing team and become more involved than just acting like a paparazzi. Her passion for her doula work shines through in the way she talks about her client’s birth experiences, deeply listening to what they want and how they feel in the room, and sharing in the most incredible moments. 


We talk about reading a client’s hesitations and how to help her advocate for her wishes to the medical team, the challenges when facing nurses and doctors who insist on no videoing or photography, and everything Leona has learned from being a member of the IAPBP. 


This conversation is raw, honest and enlightening. Leona candidly talks about her journey through birth photography, becoming a doula and her own personal experience with birth. Her advice, knowledge and expertise will shine a light into your own birth photography practice and the remarkable privilege of how much more there is to learn. 




Where to find Leona Darnell:

Instagram: @birth_and_beauty

Website: https://www.birthandbeauty.com/


If you’d like to become a member you can sign up here