Intuition and Power in Birth with Lindsay Askins

This episode we’re in conversation with Lindsay Askins who is passionate about empowering women to trust their intuition and reclaim their power in birth. Lindsay is a professional birth photographer, home birth and postpartum doula. Educated in animal science, she worked as a veterinary technician for a decade and later taught high school science.


Spot of Serendity was launched in 2010 with a focus on capturing military homecomings for couples and families. After Lindsay became a mother in 2012, her work organically shifted into pregnancy, birth, and caring for mothers in the postpartum period. Her first home birth was transformative and fuels her passion for birth advocacy.  Lindsay believes the majority of perinatal mood disorders and other symptoms of birth trauma can be prevented by educating families on the pitfalls of obstetrics and modern birth.


Our conversation touches on some really beautiful perspectives – both for birthing mothers and birth photographers. We discuss the importance of feeling safe when birthing and the importance of listening to our intuition.


Lindsay discusses the simple truth that all mammalian birth (ours included) progresses best in calm, dark, private environments. This awareness has altered her approach to birth photography.


Linday’s approach is incredibly inspiring. She reminds us how important it is to allow ourselves the space to work through our own traumas and discomfort with empathy and grace. She has learnt over the years that being comfortable in your own true lane is the best energy you can bring to a birthing space.This was a really powerful conversation which I know you’re going to get a lot out of, so dive in.


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