I am truly delighted to be speaking with Paulina Splechta today, a passionate advocate for women and trauma informed birth care with a deep understanding of working in the birth photography industry. 


Paulina is a full time on call birth photographer based in South Florida and fell in love with being a birth story teller after photographing her first birth in 2014. As a young mother, Paulina started out photographing her friends with their babies in the park, which led into lifestyle, maternity and breastfeeding photography. This eventually opened the door to her passion work – birth photography. 


As a passionate human rights advocate, Paulina studied criminal justice in college. Although a far cry from what she does now, the same threads of advocacy, justice and communication are woven into her role as a birth photographer. 


In this honest and open conversation, Paulina shares her story – what led her into birth photography, what drives her to continue in the industry and how her own traumatic birth and postpartum experiences fuelled the fire in her belly to advocate for women before, during and after birth. 


Paulina talks about being a highly sensitive person and how this is her superpower to be able to deeply understand the emotional landscape of childbirth. We discuss some of the issues surrounding maternal mental health and the need for education about how trauma plays into birth. We also talk about being honest on social media, why this is so important for the industry as a whole and so much more. 


I know you’re going to get so much out of this conversation and love Paulina’s fiery and dynamic spirit.




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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/psplechta_birthphotography/

Website: https://www.paulinasplechta.com/


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