6 snacks to pack in your delivery bag for nausea

The one thing almost every pregnancy/birth article and blog post talks about is packing your bag for delivery. These lists most often include snacks. So you and hubby go to the store, grab some favorites, and head home for the long wait till labor starts and you head to the hospital or birth center.

These lists leave one important factor out….


Have no fear though, we’ve put together an easy list of the 6 best snacks to pack in your delivery bag to help address nausea during and after birth.

Nausea during birth is real, my friend – and EXTREMELY common. To be honest, probably 10 out of 10 births I have photographed have included mothers and nausea. The handy blue vomit bag will become your closest companion and turn up in a lot of your birth photos.

foods-to-eat-during-labor-and-delivery-hospital-snacks-birth-hospital-bag-husband putting hand on laboring moms left shoulder 6-snacks-you-must-pack-for-your-birth-for-nausea

There are a few causes, some being a reaction to pain, contractions, and drops in blood pressure. You can learn more about the causes here.

No matter what the trigger, nutrition is important during your delivery – especially during long labors when your energy runs out.

But keeping food down is a whole different matter.

It isn’t enough to pack snacks – you want to pack the right snacks that are gentle on your stomach and will give you the maximum energy needs possible. So as usual, I’ve created the ultimate list of birth snacks for moms & nausea to help you through your labor & delivery.


Bananas are the first item on the old school BRAT list. (File this info away, you’ll need it in a year when your little ones are sickly).

Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast make up BRAT – Grandma’s tried and true remedy of bland suggestions for nauseous bellies work because they’re easy on the stomach.

Bananas and applesauce are perfect for birth because of their natural glucose for energy, but bananas are also packed full of Vitamin B6 – which helps with the nausea and adds an extra kick to the energy.


Instant mashed potatoes are awesome. Mainly because you don’t really need a kitchen to cook them – just a cup and hot water. They’re soft and easy to digest – and should they decide to come back to visit, aren’t so harsh on your esophagus.

No milk or butter needed, maybe a pinch of salt. You can also mix them with broth if you need a bit of flavor.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth’s Labor & Delivery has one of those handy-dandy hot water spouts for tea in their galley kitchen, so it’s super easy to mix them up.


I pick oyster crackers over regular soda crackers because of their size. Soda crackers are great because of their low fiber and mild taste, but when you really don’t feel like eating anything due to nausea, the tiny bites of oyster crackers are the ticket. And they’re cheap! It’s like $1 a bag.


Yep, just plain old broth. Broth helps replenish both salt and fluids as they quickly become depleted with vomiting. The protein helps keep you going. Grab a couple Campbell’s Soup-At-Hand for a quick easy fix.

Bone broth is great and I’ve often seen it suggested; however, it has a gelatinous texture that may not be appealing when in the throws of labor nausea. That’s just my opinion, but you do you.


Popsicles are the snack without eating – long part of the birth snack list and for good reason. The cold juice not only feels great, but the sugar will help with that energy during your birth. Skip the ones with the pieces of fresh fruit.

Some hospitals stock them for their expecting mothers but be sure to pack some just in case.


Sometimes when you can’t keep anything down, honey sticks are your saving grace. This natural sugar is easy to suck down quick to give you a jolt of energy. They come in a variety of flavors in case plain ol’ honey isn’t your thing. Try a few to find out which ones you like and which you don’t before need them.


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