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15 Positive Affirmations for Birth Photographers

February is the month of Valentine’s Day here in the United States and with it comes an entire bag of mixed emotions. For some, it’s just another Hallmark holiday that doesn’t resonate with them; for others, it’s a challenging day full of loneliness and disappointment and for even more, it’s a day full of love and hope. Here at IAPBP, we encourage self-love all year round. It truly is one of the only things within our realm of control.


Why #blackbirthmatters, too.

Black women are dying in the care of medical professionals at alarming rates during our pregnancies and births; 3-4 times the rate of women of almost every other race. 

The Moments of Birth
Birth is hard work. You spend months growing another human in your body, sacrificing space for your organs, good sleep and energy (amongst so many other things), and somehow birth asks even more of you.


Design Braizen
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